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About the course

This course will provide an insight into home oxygen fires and why they are such an important health concern. How addressing the use of thermal fuses can help in the prevention of these fires, reduce deaths, injuries and destruction to property that home oxygen fires can cause.

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We understand the critical role the fire service professionals play in protecting their community. Our training is designed to provide skills in a practical approach. 

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Training and strategies shared on our site focus to education, equip and engage the nationals fire service. Together, let’s protect our communities with confidence. The knowledge earned allows our students to immediately make an impact in their community. 

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Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your professional development with CRR Academy. Join our instructors today, leaders in the field with years of experience as subject matter experts, and unlock a deeper understanding of the CRR process. 

Course Lessons

Richard Radford

Richard Radford Managing Director. Richard is an engineer by background and has been involved in the design and manufacture of medical gas control products for over three decades. In 1990, he cofounded BPR Medical to develop products that make patient care safer and more effective. 

Recognising the scale of the issue of home oxygen fires in the UK, Richard led the team that developed the thermal fuse, which is designed to reduce the impact of these incidents. In 2006, it was mandated by the National Health Service in the UK and is now used in 27 countries. Richard continues to gather evidence and report to authorities across the globe on the dangers of home oxygen and the scale and risks of the issue, with the aim of increasing adoption and saving lives.