Advocacy - Strategy 1

Join professionals who will will share ways to advocate for your fire departments needs. 



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This strategy focuses on helping to develop tools and information that can be used when advocating for increased knowledge about CRR across organizations, sufficient resources to devote to fire prevention and Community Risk Reduction, and helping local leaders understand the importance of reducing risk to create safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

Practical approach

We understand the critical role the fire service professionals play in protecting their community. Our training is designed to provide skills in a practical approach.

Impact your community

Training and strategies shared on our focus to education, equip and engage the nationals fire service. Together, let’s protect our communities with confidence. The knowledge earned allows our students to immediately make an impact in their community.

For your career

Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your professional development with CRR Academy. Join our instructors today, leaders in the field with years of experience as subject matter experts, and unlock a deeper understanding of the CRR process.

Course Lessons

Our team

Advocacy Guest Panel

Chief Chris Brunette
Colorado Bureau of Fire Prevention and Control
Section Chief
Dr. Matt Hinds-Aldrich
American Association of Insurance Services - AAIS
Senior Risk Strategy Lead
Bill Webb
Congressional Fire Services Institute - CFSI
Executive Director